Active Members


Line Officers

(effective 1-1-2018)


Joseph Farleigh

1st Assistant Chief

Andy Sleurs

2nd Assistant Chief

James Daly

Fire Captain

Chris Toomey

Rescue Captain

Don Veltman

Fire Police Captain

Chet Boehlke

1st Fire Lieutenant

Fred Chamberlin

2nd Fire Lieutenant

Barry Moss

3rd Fire Lieutenant

Mike Fish

Rescue Lieutenant

Sameer Siddiqui


Roger Griffiths

William Griffiths

Peter Schmidt

Jason Tice



John Berninger


Civil Officers

(effective 1-1-2018)


Craig Sleurs



Vice President

Nick Behuniak




John Berninger




Barry Moss



Financial Secretary

Jim Savitt



Representative to Commissioners

Roger Griffiths

Board of Directors

Christine Ross
Len Clickman
Kristina Leamy

Active Firematic Members

Behuniak, Nick

Berninger, John

Boehlke, Chester

Brodeur, Mike

Chamberlin, Fred

Clickman, Leonard

Daly, Jim

Eck, Walter

Farleigh, Joe

Fish, Michael

Flagler, Jack

Griffiths, Roger

Griffiths, William

Howard, Tom

Leamy, Kristina

Lenhardt, George

Mellett, Scott

Moss, Barry

Ross, Christine

Savitt, Jim

Schmidt, Peter

Siddiqui, Sameer

Sleurs, Andy

Sleurs, Craig

Stephenacci, Michael

Tice, Briana

Tice, Jason

Toomey, Chris

Toomey, Jerome

Veltman, Don

Watson, Sean