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Christmas Parade 2017

SFD Fire Prevention 2017

On April 29, Roger Griffiths and Peter Schmidt drove our old Engine 11 to Erie, PA 
to deliver it to its new owners, the Laurel Fire Department in Illinois. 
Old Engine 11 
has been a great truck and it has served the Slingerlands Fire District well since 1991!  
    We would like to thank the voters of the Slingerlands Fire District for enabling us to purchase 
our new Engine 11, which has replaced the old Engine 11 as our first engine out for structure fires and vehicle fires. The new engine allows us do our job more effectively and safely.

The Old Engine 11

The New Engine 11

2016 Holiday Parade.pptx

Thanks to everyone who attended our annual 

Haunted House and Halloween Party at our fire house.

We had a great time and we're glad you did, too.

On May 31, 2016, Bethlehem seniors got a sobering and very real reminder of the dangers of impaired and distracted driving as the BC chapter of SADD and several community agencies teamed up to stage a "mock" DWI crash at the school. The Slingerlands Fire Dept., along with dozens of other first responders and student volunteers made this important event possible.

Mock DWI crash at Bethlehem High School

Bethlehem Christmas Parade 2015

Bethlehem Christmas Parade 2014

2013 Open House


Slingerlands Fire District



Election Results

The Slingerlands Fire Department and the Slingerlands Fire District recent held our elections. Thanks a lot to those who have volunteered to serve:

Slingerlands Fire District Commissioners

James Kerr and Barry Moss

Walter W. Eck, Jr., Michael Brodeur, and Len Clickman are also serving on the Board of Fire Commissioners. Thanks to Roger Griffiths for his many years of service as a Commissioner.

Slingerlands Fire Department Officers

Chief - Joe Farleigh

First Asst. Chief - Andy Sleurs

Second Asst. Chief - Jim Daly

Fire Captain - Chris Toomey

Rescue Captain - Don Veltman

Fire Police Captain - Chet Boehlke

Fire Lieutenants - Fred Chamberlin, Barry Moss, and Mike Fish

Rescue Lieutenant - Sameer Siddiqui

Quartermaster - John Berninger

Superintendents - Roger Griffiths, Bill Griffiths, Peter Schmidt, Jason Tice

President - Craig Sleurs

Vice President - Nich Behuniak

Treasurer - Barry Moss

Financial Secretary - Jim Savitt

Secretary - John Berninger

Representative to the Commissioners - Roger Griffiths

Board of Directors - Kristina Leamy, Len Clickman (Kris Ross was previously elected)

Halloween Party and Haunted House a success!

Thanks to everyone who attended our recent Halloween events. Over 300 brave souls made it through the haunted house, and our bounce house and refreshments were a big hit at the Halloween Party. We're already looking forward to next year! 

On August 21 the Slingerlands Fire Department lost one of the most outstanding members in our history when John Flanagan passed away. Serving as President,  Chief and Commissioner, he was  warmly know as "Father" to his fellow members, and was an inspiration to us all.